Freemetre perform On Automatic at Nourishment Humber Street Gallery

Freemetre (Artists Jay Moy,Dave Goff and Max Jung) created and performed new work On Automatic.A Live audio/video improvisation in response to the output of the influential American artist Jean Michel Basquiat (1960-1988) as part of Nourishment(remix) at Humber street Gallery along side artists Xana and William Vinegrad (Ground),Larissa Monteiro (Worm) and Michael Barnes-Winters.

Sevenlocks Greenpeace documentary music commission.


On 15 September 2013, a giant polar bear - Aurora - led a procession to the doors of Shell's London HQ to protest about plans to drill for oil in the Arctic.

Watch the journey of how she came to be, from conception and construction all the way through to that moment when she carried the names of the millions who want to save the Arctic to Shell's doorstep.

We were very pleased to receive this commission, but were only given just over 2 weeks, a rough breif and some raw footage to conceive, write, record and master this soundtrack. It was worth the long hours to be a part of this important and inspirational film. Commissioned by Greenpeace it highlights the ongoing scramble by oil companies to exploit oil reserves in the Arctic and the fight to save this spellbinding landscape and its inhabitants.

The breif was to create music that was serious but not so depressing that no one would want to watch. That expressed the plight and gravity of the situation in the Arctic while at the same time reflecting the purity, beauty and grandeur of a unique and precious environment. The inspiring industry and creativity of the artists, artisans, and technicians who tirelessly created and built  Aurora. People power, connection with the environment and the projects particular style of design aesthetic.